Episode 2 – The Accidental Expat

Episode 2, where I catch up with an old college friend, Mike.  As it turns out, Mike has lived most of his adult life in Japan. We talk about how that happened; what he’s been up to; and what it’s like living in a foreign country–working, and even marrying and raising kids there.

Episode 1 – “CryptoAutoBiography”

Episode 1 is out!

As the episode name implies, this is the host’s own story.  Hope you enjoy it.

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–Brandon, host, CryptoBiography

Episode 0


This is episode zero, to get a test episode out to iTunes and the RSS feed.

But also, this is a request for your stories! I won’t be able to do this show without you.

The first real episode will be coming out soon, after I have confirmed it shows on iTunes.



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