episode 15 – Tina talks about leading a gaming guild

Episode 15 is here! In it, I speak with Tina, who lives in New Zealand, about the unique challenges of being a woman leading a gaming guild. Enjoy!

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Episode 14 – voice over work with Jason Zenobia

In episode 14, I talk with Jason Zenobia, who is a professional voice over talent. We discuss what that entails, how he started, and what it takes to get voice over work.

If you want to contact Jason, he is at jason.zenobia@gmail.com, or you can visit his site at www.zenobiavoice.com


Episode 12 – the vasectomy

Episode 12 is here! In it, host Brandon Starr talks about a subject that doesn’t get a lot of discussion: what it’s like to get a vasectomy.

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