Episode 29 – part 1 of 2 of full-movie-length commentary track for “Full Metal Jacket”

Episode 29 is here! This is part 1 of 2 of a full-movie-length commentary track for the 1987 Stanley Kubrick movie “Full Metal Jacket.” Find out what Kubrick carried over from his previous movie, “The Shining,” explore the use of pop songs throughout the film, and more! Subscribe to us on iTunes or listen here.

episode 27 – family history with Brandon Starr’s parents

Episode 27 is here, and with it, family stories. Host Brandon Starr sits down with his parents, Lee and Wally Starr, to go over some family history, ranging from genealogy to their parents’ stories and their own. Like all family stories, there are some odd ones, including stories of espionage and whirlwind romance. Enjoy!